Flipkart Super Value Week (23rd to 29th April 2019)


Flipkart has started its Super Value Week. Now you can enjoy all its offers, which will be available until 23 to 29 April
So do not think, if you are thinking of changing your mobile or your mobile is in a bad condition, then this super quality week is for you. And the biggest thing is that in this you will get a complete Mobile protection plan by spending just 99 rupees. 
Well, That's great you are getting mobile security by spending only 99 rupees extra 

Benefits of Mobile Protection Plans:-

1. Screen Damage
2. Water Damage
3. Hardware / Software Defects
4. Convenient Pick Ups & Drops
5. Brand Authorized Repairs

Moreover, all top companies like Apple, Samsung, Xiaomi, Realme, Honor, etc.. are included in this super value week so nothing to worry about. 


And one more thing, you get 1000 rupees extra on normal exchange value during this period i.e 23 - 29th April. So make use of it.
Top offers:
  • Oneplus5(Flat Rs 1000 off) 
  • GalaxyJ2(Flat Rs 750off) 
  • Redmi 3s Prime(Flat Rs 500off) 
  • Moto G5(Flat Rs 250off) 


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